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emotions are all built up inside of me

will this pain ever go away.

They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
5 July
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im Laura. i love food. i hate the word hate. i belive in applogies. stars are my favorite. kissing is awesum. my tounge is pierced. being in love is beautiful. rain is fun to dance in. my family are my #1 fans. my life is a emotional rollar coaster ride. i miss too many things. hugs are better than drugs. i need to learn to take my own advice. i dont like being alone. my mind wonders off too much. iam a dork. i think people take life for granted. eye contact is so important. sirens scare me. make-up is my art. icecream is my weakness. iam in control. i laugh. i cry. i live. i learn.