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emotions are all built up inside of me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle

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BUMMER!!!!! [Jun. 3rd, 2005|10:54 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |angryangry]

so im on my way to the mall and bam all of a sudden theres sumthing in the road, so i freak and i swirve to the right. well since i swirved so hard to the right, my truck goes to left over the midian. the midian caused my truck to fishtale and side swipe a truck, so i swirve to the right back on my side of the road and i stop. im ok. my 4 runner is hurtin' on the left drivers side. a women that was a witness said that if i didnt sideswipe that truck i would have rolled. thank god. no one is hurt. the cop didnt give me a ticket. the dumbass women who didnt tie her shit down in the bed of her truck got a fatty ticket. now its just all up to the insurance company and waiting.......sucks.
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you know who you are. [Jun. 2nd, 2005|11:51 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
i fucking hate you for everything you've made me feel. every emotion that you threw at me. you are the reason i feel the way i do and i hate you for that. i regret you. i never want to see a picture of you or hear your voice. i want to forget your name. you meen nothing to me anymore. you are a pathetic piece of shit who deserves nothing. you are the most selfish person i know. fuck off and get the fuck out of my head...jerk.
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heres a little lovin' [May. 31st, 2005|08:49 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |sicksick]
[*music* |"867-5309"- that song is awesome!]

so today was my 9th day working in a row. finally i have 2 days off, and wow it feels good. to top it off tho, im sick :( so that kinda sucks, but im getting better. im a tuff chick.
me and tiffi went to the mall for lunch today and i got a new tounge ring. its cute. i love how i can go to lunch with her and just vent. it feels good. i love her. work is good. same ol' same ol'. im babysitting my friend amy from work baby tomorrow. shes so cute. so im going to play mommy. i <3 kids. cant wait to find him and make beautiful babies. july 1st is just around the corner and i couldnt be more excited. im outragiously thrilled. a sleepover with 2 of my bestfriends 24-7, grand.
so my friend krista got married last weekend .i was a bridesmaid. it was awesome. so much funn. i met a boy, his name is james. hes sweet. i love going to weddings just so i can see what i want and dont want when i get married. i danced with my dad. it was way awesome. even tho i was drunk. =) so i just found out that my friend jenjen is engadged. good for her. thats exciting. i miss her. wow...so i was thinking today...some of my friends have gotten engadged and there only 19. amber, jenna, and tiffi. and none of them are still with the guy. weird. good luck jenjen <3 wish the best for you both.
im going to hangout with my cousin christopher tonite. i havent seen him in awhile. i miss him. i cant believe ive been graduated for a year. man, i miss highschool. rocky point next wednesday-cant wait!
alrite, well im gunna brush my teeth, blow my nose, throw a load of laundry in and hed over to chris's. have a good nite guys.

much love,
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SWEET! [May. 13th, 2005|12:04 am]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |excitedexcited]
[*music* |"Shut Up"-black eyed peas]

Its offical!!!! Me Jenna and Tiff are moving in july 1st! all of our paperwork went threw! im so excited you have no idea!! no more living at home wahoo! :) my life right now is perfect. just perfect.

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im alive and kicking... [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:44 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |contentcontent]
[*music* |TrillVille- "Some Cut"]

So i thought i maybe shuld write in here.

Life is awesum right now, i couldnt ask for more.
Work is going awesum, a little stressful here and there, but thats life. im kinda tired of dealing with bitchy clients. i dont understand how people can be so mean. i tend to be a little more nicer when im the customer in other places cause i know how much it sux dealing with shitty people. people need to realize that lifes not all about them. i love my girls at work, they keep me going :)
me and jenna are moving out in july :) cant wait. we've already looked at so many apartments and pretty much narrowed it down and know what we want now. Now its just deciding if we want a 3rd roomate or not. it was just make more sence cause it would be cheaper, but we'll see. me and jenna are kinda crazy, i wuld actualy kinda feel bad for the person moving in, haha. my parents just helped my brother by a condo and they said in a year once me and jenna have bulit up enuff credit, they wuld help us by one. god, that wuld be tite.

alrite guys, im off to bed. i dont know how long ill be before ill update again...so have a good one!


**i dont need "something" to keep me happy. its ok to be alone.
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my baby. [Mar. 27th, 2005|05:51 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |ecstaticecstatic]
[*music* |"Thats my shit" Gwen Stefani]

whats up everyone....
i got my suv baby, its a red 98 4 runner....its hot! i luv her, sunroof and everything! shes my baby. <3
happy easter kids.

laura beth
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2005|08:01 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
Deffintly got my hopes up way to high.
*new resolution*
.dont settle for anything less than i deserve.
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just a little one. [Mar. 3rd, 2005|06:15 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |exanimateexanimate]
[*music* |*my boo*]

..dolce is going so well. hopefully with the new salon opening i will have a chance to move up. i love my job and thats so cool...i only owe my dad $300 now, so ill pay that off with some of tomorrows paycheck, then save up $500 which will only take one more paycheck then off to the car dealership to get me a hot SUV =)..june is coming up so quick and thats when me and jenna are gunna move out and im so exstatic, i cant wait. ..4 more months till im 19...tomorrow is my day off. me and mom are gunna get our nails done and go buy me some work pants. then me and dusty are gunna go to craker jacks, yay. cant wait for that...
alright, well thats a little happy update for ya' all.

have a goodnite.
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sorry guys, im still around. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|09:14 pm]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |contentcontent]
[*music* |"LaLa"-Ashlee Simpson]

yeah, im still alive.
everything is going pretty smoothly. finally.
me and dusty are finally on the right track, which is really good. valentines day was awesum...we got a hotel and it was perfect and well, i dont think you dont want me to go into details ;) it was hot.
work is going good still. its just really stressfull. but it keeps me on my toes. we had a party at skateland for our 3rd yr. anniversry. the theme was 80's glam. man, it was so much fun. dusty wore silver pants and a shiny silver shirt with his hair slicked back and i wore tight spandex pants with a long sweater with a belt over it with my hair in a side crimped ponytail and i had the huge curled bangs. it was so much fun!'
me and jenna found the apartment were gunna live in. its perfect for us. were SO excited!
i have tomorow off from work so im gunna clean my room then me and my lover jenna are gunna go shopping. <3
alright, well im guna make like a bananna and
love you....you...you....eww not you.
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i cant give up. [Jan. 24th, 2005|10:35 am]
They call me L'fezee B'shizzle
[*my mood* |confusedconfused]
[*music* |JoJo-"baby all i want is you"]

been awhile, ehh? i dont feel like going really into things rite now, so im going to be brief...
•ok, lets start of with my home life....
everything is going good with my parents. dad says i can trade in my car in a month, so we'll see how that goes. supposly supposed to be moving out in June with Jenna. hopefully everything works out. I love my parents, there so supportive and care alot. i dont know where id be with out them. there my number one fans. they keep me inline. dad left this morning for out door ed for a week. my brother scott is still living with us. i miss being the only child living at home, but i also love the company. my brother kevin totalled his car. he know has a transam. hes loves it and hes happy and thats awesum. im just glad that hes ok. he hydroplaned into a pole. moms still lovin her new trailblazer. it sux that i hardly see her nemore cause out scheldules kinda conflict. my parents are stressin out about the upstairs bathroom. the toliet over flowed all over the floor over nite 2 nites ago and leaked downstairs threw the lite ficture into the laundry room. they were beyond pissed casue supposly it was becuase of a tampon, im not on my period so who knows. so the toliet isnt fixed yet. then our shower was leakin, so my dad trying to be the "handyman", tried fixing it but ended up breaking it instead. so the only thing that works in my bathroom is the sink. so all of us have to take showers in my parents room. so thursday my grandpa is coming up to fix my bathroom cuz hes good with stuff like that. so thats that.
•now, my job.....
dolce is going awesum. i honestly can say i love my job. i actually like going to work. i love the poeple i work with. its just an awesum place. plus the discounts i get there are insane. its just awesum. i can really see my self progressing and movin up with this job. we had a salon meeting this morning at 8. we just talked about customer service, went over sum things to make everything run smoother and they gave out sum awards. it was fun stuff. there taking all the client coordinators out for dinner at the "melting pot" on sunday for doing so well in giftcard sales during christmas. and the hole salon is having a skateland party at the end of febuary. i cant wait, its gunna be fun.
i dont know where we are going with this. doesnt seem like wer moving foward at all. it seems like im putting so much into this and ur just sitting there watching me. i cant seem to do anything right. this isnt how it should be. im so lost, i have no idea what to do nemore. my emotions are all over the place. we both know how to make eachother happy, so why do we continue just making eachother feel like shit. god, im so confussed.
•miss amber.....
i love this girl to death. shes my baby girl. i will do anything for her. shes the best friend a girl can have. shes always there for me.......she met me up for lunch at my work cause i told her i needed to talk. i dont think she knows how much that meant to me. that talk was awesum. exactly what i needed to get threw the day. thank you hunnie. i love you. i hate that ur hurting right now. but hang in there babe, everything will work out. but we have eachother now and thats all we need =) xoxo.

so much for being brief...


just when you think everythings going to be perfect again, it blows up in my face. is this what lifes all about?
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